The Sports KingDome Baseball Programs

were set up to provide a year-round climate controlled facility for the use of all ages and talent levels. The Sports KingDome Baseball Academy will offer the highest level of instruction through camps, clinics, and private instruction and will consist of some of the best coaches and professionals in the country, with many years of both playing and coaching experience. Our programs offer state-of-the-art indoor (and coming soon – outdoor) training facilities with eight batting cages that will be available for instruction or for just swingin’ away. The Sports KingDome Baseball Programs will be second to none, when it comes to providing the best baseball experience. Our baseball programs will begin in 2018. Please continue to visit the site for further details or contact John Volpi at and for further details for Baseball or Softball Tournaments, please contact Brad Muldoon at

2018 SKD Aces

Thanks to everyone for a great start to our 2018 season through hard work and dedication during winter workouts. Please stay tuned to e-mails, texts, and social media for any schedule update as we navigate any weather challenges during the late winter and early spring.
Thank you to those families that are current with their accounts. For those that are behind on any payments we appreciate everyone getting current as soon as possible as payments for uniforms, tournaments, and other expenses will be hitting very soon.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to Coach Volpi via email @ or telephone, 914-319-3385.

Coach Volpi and the Aces Coaching Staff